Ding Yuhua was elected as one of “Annual Personages of Eco-friendly Weihai in 2008”

On June 1st, Journalist got information from Weihai Environmental protection bureau that the appraisal activity of “Annual Personages of Eco-friendly Weihai in 2008’’ came to an end, president of Triangle—Ding Yuhua is listed in the honorees.

“Annual Personages of Eco-friendly Weihai in 2008’’ appraisal activity was jointly held by Publicity Office of Weihai municipality, Environmental Protection Committee of municipal people’s congress, Weihai Daily, Environmental Protection Bureau, etc. The purpose of this activity is to establish a lofty moral fashion of “care, support and participate in environmental protection” in the society through rewarding people who did great contribution in environmental protection, so as to lead and encourage public to practice scientific outlook and construct eco-friendly society.

All nominators of this appraisal activity need to have following qualifications. First, nominators should have done a prominent contribution in pollution abatement and waste discharge reduction, related index has reached advanced level in the industry, and achievements got recognition of the public. Second, Nominators are supposed to have made great contribution in construction of eco-friendly city and have played a demonstration role in environmental protection. Third, nominators need to have done a good job in publicity and education fields of environmental protection, as well  as  in establishment of public voice and advanced culture related to environmental concern. Fourth, nominators should be zealous in supporting and participating public welfare caused related to environmental protection, and established good public image.

Number of people involved in appraisal activity this time is more than that of last time, so are the circles of the people came from. The appraisal activity had experienced recommendation stage, preliminary appraisal stage, publicity stage and final election stage. Ding Yuhua  was listed in “Annual Personages of Eco-friendly Weihai in 2008’’ due to his prominent contribution in energy saving, waste discharge reduction, and environmental protection.

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