Triangle Group was honored by Shandong provincial government

On the morning of April 14th, Shandong provincial government held a press release in Jinan Nanjiao Hotel and praised excellent tax-paying enterprises, which is the second time about praising tax-paying enterprises after the initial time last year. Altogether, 100 enterprises in Shandong province got the honorable title of “2008 Shandong Excellent tax-paying enterprise”, Triangle Group was awarded this honor again, and ranks the 55th place.

“Excellent tax-paying enterprise” evaluation activity had considered not only the tax paying of the enterprise, but also safety, environment protection, national land resources management, national industry policy and financial regulations abidance, as well as illegal behaviors investigation of the president, etc. In case of anything wrong with aspects above, the enterprise can never be listed in the evaluation no matter how much duty it had paid. From the listed names of prize awarding, we can see the enterprise structure had changes by a certain degree, 78 companies which were awarded last year got the honor again, and 22 companies got this honor for the first time.

In year 2008, facing the severe economic situation under the shadow of global financial crisis, Triangle Group had kept business development by technological innovation, making continuous adjustment of economic structure, changing development mode, and deepening the enforcement of the policy of self-innovation, energy-saving and waste discharge reduction. Triangle had fulfilled social responsibilities and obligations of paying duties to the government, and also spent all efforts in building new advantages in development to deal with all kinds of difficulties and challenges brought by the crisis. We have outlived the challenge of the most severe crisis to make Triangle still keep developing in the storms of the market as we have grasped opportunities in the economic crisis, we made faithful business and we used globalization strategy to handle all kinds of complicated issues in our development. Our annual turnover last year is 11.6 billion RMB with a duty of 400 million RMB paid to the government.

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