Triangle Group environmental management system pass through anew auditing verification
Recently, ISO14001 environmental management system of Triangle Group Co. LTD. &Triangle Tire Co. LTD pass through auditing verification again by Hua Xia authentication center. According to the ISO/IEC17021 standard request drawed by international approval forum, authentication verification of the environmental management system carries on every three years again. Authentication verification for this time is to make comprehensive verification to Triangle environmental management system operation status from 2006 to 2008. The China authentication center carries on authentication auditing on site again from December 2 to December 5, the verification group thought that during anew authentication period, Triangle established environmental management system is perfect, suits its characteristic, and insistes “pollution prevention” principle, follows the PDCA movement pattern, improves environment continually, the whole system movement is in good order, and has made remarkable progress.
Triangle group & Triangle Tire Co. LTD has passed through the ISO14001 environmental management system authentication since 1999 in the national same profession, according to the ISO14001 standard, strengthen environmental management work, and obtains good environment achievements. Triangle has drawed up 23 items of enviromental indices during 2006 to 2008, invests nearly more than 2 million Yuan, from prevention waste gas and water pollution and reduces resources energy consumption to make improvement, and has made tangible progress. In view of haze pollution from rubber mixing,Triangle has installed dust removal device for ventilation at top and bottom rim of mixer and slab cooling fram, to modify the pipeline and the air blower has enhanced smoke dust removal effect greatly, improved environment achievements continually.
In 2007 Triangle has investmented hundreds of thousands Yuan carried on the standardized improvement of sewage discharge outlet, has installed the COD online inspection device,and realized sewage disposal monitoring.
Triangle carries out energy conservation and consumtion reduction positively, the target of tire synthesis energy consumption in 2008 reduce 21% compared with that in 2006, the energy conservation value is more than 45million Yuan.
Triangle group from scientific development view and realizes sustainable development strategic altitude, realizes the important role of ISO14001 environmental management system in the enterprise environment management, pays great attention to staff's environmental awareness education, sets up clear environment goal, formulates and the consummates environmental management system document, implements practical and effective supervisory control method, all of these have promoted Triangle sustained development powerfully. From 2006 to 2008 Triangle was evaluated as “Weihai environmental protection advanced enterprise” and “Weihai Green Unit” continuously; in 2007 Triangle obtained “Shandong energy protection advanced unit” .

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