The Communist Youth League Committee of Triangle Group held 89 anniversary meeting of “the May 4th M

At 9:00 of May 3, the CYL committee of Triangle held 89 anniversary meeting for “the May 4th Movement” at fourth meeting room of Office Building, and honored a number of emerged outstanding youth team and individuals. The company Party Committee Deputy Secretary, vice chairman & vice president Shan Guoling; the Party and the masses service department director Wang Xiaodong, the former CYL Committee Secretary Li Farong and Secretary Gu Zhifu, also with partial party branch secretaries attend the conference; the Communist Youth League Weihai Municipal party committee members, Deputy Secretary Ju Aijun also on invitation attended the conference..
On the conference Triangle newly appointed Communist Youth League Committee Secretary Gu Zhifu made a work report "Carry forward May 4 Spirits, Unity and Leads CYL member contribute for Triangle Enterprise Quickly Development”, the report reviewed and summarized last year Communist Youth League Committee's prime task and experience, also has analyzed the existed insufficiency, proposed work policy and goal for CYL Committee about how to boost Triangle healthy development, and made the concrete deployment.
At the meeting, Triangle party committee deputy secretary, vice President Shan Guoling also gave a important speech, in the speech, Shan Guoling hoped that all Committee and general member youth take party's 17th conference spirits as instruction, carry forward “May 4” spirit, put triangle enterprise culture "sincerity, innovation, diligence and love people" into practice energetically. At the same time taking global market as yearly operation goal guidance, unbind mind unceasingly, carve out undertaking, keeps pace with the times, take high responsibility and dedication to work, strive for triangle’s healthy development. She emphasized: The youth have innovative spirit,  full of enthusiasm and vigor, in the life’s precious time. when the company is facing huge challenge and opportunity, they must take on honorable and arduous mission bravely. The company’s new CYL Committee group must strengthen the organization construction, innovates unceasingly, conducts each kind of advantageous and colorful activity serves youth's growth, make conditions for talented youth. And it must display each kind of youth commando, the young volunteer, the youth civilization and the youth model character's lead role. All levels of CYL organization should focus on general situation, holds on opportunity firmly, youth with new target to unite the youth, guiding and protect, displays their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, leads the general youths to perform good deeds in the company recent development.
The group Municipal committee and party members, Deputy Secretary Ju Aijun have also gave a speech, expressed satisfaction to CYL and the youth work, hoped the company Communist Youth League organization make better progress in the new year, and encourage general young staffs makes a bigger progress.
The congress also commended one batch of advanced teams and individual that emerged in 2007. At the same time summoned all levels of organization and general youth take ancestor as an example, base upon his post, positive and enterprising, make new bigger contribution for triangle quick and healthy development.

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