Triangle Group 2010 High-performance PCR Tires Press Conference Held in Beijing

On June 22nd, Triangle Group 2010 high-performance PCR tires press conference was held in Beijing. At the conference, Triangle Group introduced a new series of low-carbon, green and high-performance PCR tires.

Board chairman of Triangle Group Mr. Dinghua addressed at the press to all the participants and press reporters with the entitle “technology innovation to guide development, low-carbon and green as developing target. He introduced the necessity of technology innovation as the role in achieving the target of low-carbon, green, environment-friendly and high-performance and Triangle Group’s producing and researching status for this goal.

The R&D team of Triangle Group optimized tires’structure, with the deformation during vehicle running, tires’weight reduced by using high-performance framework material and the safety performance of tires increased. We developed new formulas with large amount of silica application. All the high-performance radial tires introduced to the market recently adopted the advanced technologies above and rolling resistance reduced by 18-25%, wet brake distance reduced by 8-12% and the noise was also reduced and is above the standard of Europe 2012 tire noise regulation.

The high-performance radial tires launched the market this time is a complete series, covering 167 sizes with a variety of 1190 types of tires available. Speed rating ranges from P to Y(300km/h), section height from 85 series to 30 series and rim diameter from 12 to 26 inch.

t the press conference, chairman of Triangle Group supervision board, Mr. Wang Wenhao signed cooperation agreements with president of Japan EXIVE company (the largest tires import distributor in Japan).

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